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After + Glot (tongue/language):

- Persisting to speak a second language and forgetting to switch to a first language after the presence of a second language speaker has ceased.

When a group of people speaks a second language to account for a person who cannot speak the first, and then the person leaves and all continue to speak the second language and forget to switch back.

Similar to:

AFTERTOUCH: the sensation of pressure persisting for a time after actual pressure has ceased
1. After flirting for hours with those Colombian chicks, the afterglot kicked in and we automatically spoke Spanish for days.

2. You afterglotting show-off! We know your English is really good but they are all gone now, I don't know who you are trying to impress. Switch back to Arabic so Hasan can also understand you.
by Outtallectuals July 28, 2014
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