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1. The chill afterglow of an intense bromantic moment.

2. When you and your bro are being hella bromantic and then you realize it and throw down a "no homo" but the look in your eyes is like "i wanna be inside you, homes".

3. When you and your bro are having a bromance and your both like "BRO!" and then you start to chill out again like "bro..."
--Bro#2 sinks a shot in beer pong--
Bro#1: BRO!
Bro#2: BRO!!
--bro hug--
--bros stare deeply into each others eyes--
Bro#1: Bro...
Bro#2: Bro.
Bro#3: That was an intense afterbro, bro. It's chill tho.
by THE AFROCALYPSE June 13, 2010
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