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Females, not necessarily of bad hygiene or living in a trailer, but of white, asian, latino origins and usually well educated and travelled. An afroskank is a girl who dresses well-meaning she gives the allusion of being a decent girl, shows just enough skin to attract attention. When drunk enough, she lets loose all pretenses and turns sleazy, trashy, or even slutty around all men, especially those of african origins. Their prirmary target are black males everytime they go to a disco, a party or a simple dinner at a friend's. Will seize every opportunity to converse and show off what she knows about Africa or Africans, to lead on or dance with an african...especially unstoppable when drunk. To be an afroskank a girl doesnt have to be a whore and be promiscuous but people assume that by the way she behaves and carries/presentz herself that she is, thus making her an easy target for all males around. Other males have a 100% guarantee success if she is rejected by the african male..500% if she is rejected by the second guy, because by then, she'll sleep with anything that moves.
"I know that she has a thing for african guys, but I wish she'd show more respect for herself if they're not interested in her"
"Yeah..she doesn't have to fcuk the whole town just because he was interested in another girl"
"Yeah I know...she is such an incorrigible afroskank".
by marvindahooda October 25, 2009
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