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an afrophile; one who is fascinated by textured, highly curly, kinky, voluminous hair; afrosexuals may keep their love, admiration for Afros and things afro-centric secret out of fear of loving something "ethnic" particularly if they are not of the Afro-ethnic persuasion; some afrosexuals don't realize that they are but find themselves being stimulated intellectually, emotionally, and/or sexually by afro-ethnic music, vernacular, and physiognomies, sometimes quite alarmingly; other afrosexuals proudly embrace their affinity for cultures and physicalities typified by afro-ethnic people; lovers of locs, dark skin, hip hop, Muddy Waters-style rhythm and blues, and afro-diasporic histories (African-American Studies/Urban Ecology majors); some afrosexuals wish their hair, culture, or heritage was "cool" like afro-ethnic peoples; there's a subgenre of afrosexuals that only date afro-ethnic individuals; others sport afro-ethnic hairstyles like FROs, cornrows, and doo-rags; others don't date afro-ethnic but simply admire and fraternize with afro-ethnics; I.e. women who only date afro-ethnic men, men who only date afro-ethnic women, Justin Timberlake, Bilal**, Jill Scott**, certain mature-aged Caucasian men, Michael Rappaport from Zebrahead, and Iggy Azalea; **one does can be of afro-ethnic decent and be an afrosexual - afro-ethnics that can be considered the opposite of afro-ethnic are Beyoncé, Tiger Woods, Susan Rice, Condoleezza Rice (what's with the white on rice?), and Kanye West
There's this Jewish dude at my job who keeps wanting to touch my 'fro when he sees me. I'm not sure if I should be offended - is he just curious or is he an afrosexual?
by Black TeaKettleParty April 24, 2015
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1. (adj) a sexual orientation in which a person is attracted to people of African/Negro descent
2. (noun) a person with an afrosexual sexual orientation
Annie Palmer was an afrosexual; she took many lovers from amongst her slaves.
by jvt June 28, 2014
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