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Afro-diva-act: (n) an emotionally and in some cases sexually stimulating performer of African descent. A person who embodies this word is very skilled in their craft and can use such talent to arouse the human spirit into any feeling, thereby using the definition as an adjective, creating a performance that is an "afro-diva-act." Such an event leaves all who attend in complete awe and amazement due to the magnitude of an afro-diva-act's stage presence. This word does not limit sexual orientation.

e.g. Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Celia Cruz, Lillias White, Whitney Houston, Audra McDonald, Tina Turner, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Beyonce, Tituss Burgess

This saying originated from getting tongue tied off of the word "aphrodisiac".
1) "Did you see Patti LaBelle in Fela! on Broadway? She killed "Rain" from start to finish!-- her voice left us speechless and crying! Now that's an afro-diva-act, honey.

2) "Beyonce's whole I Am Tour was phenomenal. The lights? the dancing? The voice?! She is an afro-diva-act to the max."
by Number1Bish December 30, 2010
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