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an expression. used to conveyall emotions, with just the tone of voice being chnaged to display each.

for example:
1) aeiugh neiugh!!! i forgot my lunch.
2) aeiugh! im getting married in the morning!!
3)aeiugh, im so scared.

by Hydra and the face June 26, 2007
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A word used to express emotion without having to use any decent vocabulary.

Best said when you bring your lower jaw forward and raise your eyebrows, slightly tilting the head to one side.

It sounds a bit like the word 'oh', but there are different tones in the word, hence the unusual spelling. It must be said: a-ee-iu-oo.
"Aeiugh my goodness!"

"Hey, how are you?" "Aeiugh."

"Wow look at this pretty flower... AEIUGH it pricked me!!"

You can replace the sound 'oh' with 'aeiugh' in almost any word, e.g.

Laeiughl (instead of lol)
Hellaeiugh (instead of hello)
Neiugh!!!! (instead of no!!!! - notice how the 'a' is dropped, purely because it seems more correct)
by Finchey the One and Only September 03, 2007
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