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(pronoun) a self-conferred tittle reserved for the most eccentric person, normally a female. She typically likes to hide in a small place sipping tea.

It is noted that being the most eccentric person on the world alone does not necessarily make you deserving of the tittle. On top of that, you must be looked upon by others as a potential psychotic serial killer. However, truth is that you are simply a misfit. You are physically harmless.

That said, you are still known to traumatize people emotionally and mentally. Broke a thousand hearts while pumping another million needles.

Note: due to her high level of intelligence, everybody should stay away at all cost.
1) She is not weird enough to be an Aefiel.

2) She is eccentric and broke so many hearts. She has the making of an Aefiel.
by oledran February 04, 2010
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