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Advicehole is the person who continually asks for your advice, but does not do anything WITH that advice except use it as a hook to continue a running conversation that is all about their problems. These people are not your friends because they offer much less than they give. You may find that these people are generally fickle. They will talk behind your back. Don't harbor any illusions.
I have a "friend" who keeps doing stupid things like getting drunk and stealing a purse (then coming to me to help dispose of the evidence). She got so drunk at an office party that she lost her dream job (then I have to do her resume). I'm not so much a friend as a resource.

This girl is the biggest advicehole I've ever met. She calls me when shit goes wrong because I fix it. But she never changes her ways based on my advice.
by Dougie Fitz November 19, 2013
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