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An emotion, stronger than the purest form of love. Cannot be contemplated by those who have not felt it. Turmoil, coalesced with complete peace. The emotion is different for each who feels it -- for some beautiful, for some painful, a different word and ideals to go with it inside every mind and heart. It cannot be pinned down, it cannot be explained, it cannot be defined, and most of all -- it cannot be stopped.
Example: I adrisole you.
by scribbled_over September 14, 2008
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There's this word, and you're bound to have heard of it before. It's relatively new, and it is not in any dictionary you will care to check. This word, it was made up, but that doesn't make it any less real than other words. The reason it was made up is there is no word in the English language bombastic enough to convey the emotion that this one tries to encapsule. It's big, too big. It fills your heart up every time you think about it, and try as you might to wrap your brain around just the concept, even, you can't. You can't understand it.

But don't feel bad. Nobody really does.

Adrisole. Nice ring to it, don't you think?

It comes in varying degrees, this adrisole thing. It can make you feel light and happy, it can make your chest feel stuffed and heavy. Adrisole, you laugh and cry and catch your breath because of it. Sometimes all at once, and then you feel so drained because all those feelings rush right out of you at the same time, but you're happy. It's special and wonderful and magical, and you feel sososo fortunate that it's a part of you now.

Adrisole is about caring. Well-being, health, happiness, life, school, family, love-life. You want to know, and you pray for everything to be okay for them. You worry, maybe too much. The people you truly adrisole, all you want is for them to be happy, you believe they deserve better, and they shouldn't feel sorrow. You want to take away all their pain, as stupidly noble as it sounds. You would give up so many things just to meet them, hug them, tell them things face-to-face. Because you know that after that, everything would be okay.

Adrisole is also about not caring. Distance, race, religon, nationality, strange idiosyncrasies, time, but mostly distance. With adrisole, you see past differences, because you know everyone is alike in some way or other, on the inside. Someone you adrisole, you will want to be there for them when they need someone -- it really, really doesn't matter if you have never met the person they're crying over, or don't see why they're so upset over a seemingly small matter. You just want to stay and talk and comfort, and you hope, wish, want, pray for them to be okay again. With adrisole, even if you've never met the person, you do not care, you would give anything in the world for them to be okay.

That sensation you get when it hits you is hard to put into words. The closest thing to it would be, it feels like a sunrise and a tornado at the same time in your heart and head. It's a lot like love, but, for one thing, this can't be love. For another, love has been cheapened. That one phrase, 'I love you', has been uttered so many times without enough conviction, and now it means a lot less than it used to.

So here adrisole is, to sort of fill the gap. This one word means so much, and you do not just throw it around. It is special and wonderful and magical, and you do not cheapen it, ever. Adrisole, it can fill up parts of you you never knew existed if you would just let it, and you really should.

People say it cannot be stopped, and they have yet to be proven wrong.

Oh, and one more thing you should know about this adrisole thingamajig:

Adrisole is forever.

Not my definition, I stole it from here.

But Mikey was the genius who, along with Jack, Alice, and Kayla, made this magical word real. Thank you Mikey.
"I'd say I love you but it's not enough. I fucking adrisole you. You are my world."
by Joshua Fuckin' Selders October 26, 2008
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