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Derogatory term for adjuncts, ingredients added to low-end beer to lower production costs. Examples are rice (used by Budweiser and Coors) and corn syrup (used by Miller). Adjunk detracts from the malty flavor and makes the final product more watery and more drinkable for people who don't like beer, yet less drinkable for people who do.
Steve: "Want something to drink?"
Kevin: "Got any beer?"
Steve: "I've got Budweiser, Miller, and Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA - which one do you want?"
Kevin: "WHAAAAAAT??? Are you crazy? Miller is cornier than a Color Me Badd video and Bud is more ricey than a tricked-out Honda Civic! Give me the Dogfish Head! You can drink that watery adjunk yourself!"
by Nicholas D March 28, 2008
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