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Adilyn’s are truly amazing. They may come off a little strong but getting to know them is the best thing you’ll ever do. They’re beyond sweet and they can make you laugh at anything. Adilyin’s are kind-hearted and strong-minded. They make for the greatest friends and best laugh partners. If you have the chance of making an adilyin you friend or girlfriend don’t loose her because it’ll be impossible to find someone more entergetic, kind, funny, unique, and truly gorgeous inside and out. They are smart, but don’t like to show it. It often makes others laugh, but that’s what Adilyn’s live to do. They down their joy in others joy. Everyone needs and Adilyn in their life.
Adilyin’s butt looks so good in that dress”

dude look at how pretty she is, if only she was as smart as she was pretty”
by iheartfridays May 15, 2018
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