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To have incestuous feelings towards one's nephew. Mostly prevelent in Arabic cultures such as 'Little Bagdad' A.K.A the Edgeware Road in London. Belived to have originated from Shaam el Bedford Wadi in Swampistan.
Mohammed: " most illustrious sister of a thousand camels flatus, I wish to inform you that I have a obtained a state of tumescence in my pink oboe over our Yousef. Is this normal?"

Habibi: " yes, my most glorious of æÇäßÑ ãÚ ÞÖíÈ ÕÛíÑ . Our father Daoud was also a champion of adelphirexia, and he end up in a lovely garden with 99 Virginians being nice to him all day long!"
by SaRiN STePPeNWoLFe September 02, 2006
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