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Someone who is kind,smart,and funny. He cares too much for others and cares around joy. He is a beast and loves to play sports.
Kid 1.who is that kid making all them points?
Kid 2.Adarius. He sure is a beast!
by Jaqualies May 20, 2018
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A young intelligent man who is very sexually active usually bounces from women due to the past heart breaks very goofy outstanding usually self conscious and has crazy anxiety very lovable to his friends
Adarius has a very large cock
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by BobFuckingMarley June 05, 2018
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Thinks hes a player but is the type tp get played. Treats girls like crap cause thats how he really feels inside, will never know how to love but is really good in bed.
That guys weird he must be A'darius
by ora h June 23, 2011
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