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1. an adada is a person, usually a guy, that can't hang out with his/her friends. the act of being a total douchebag without the fault or intention. usually grounded.

2. a funny looking thing with no other defining name at the moment... such as a hairstyle, a pasta spoon, or an ass-cat.

3. some word in which the meaning can mean anything such as a person, place, or thing or an action of any type of sexual intercourse...or mattie's fat ass mom

4. a huge ass dump taken anywhere but a toilet. an insult. a makeshift word for "shit"
1. i can't beleive ethan bryant can't hang out today, what an adada!

2. where the crap did i put that adada!?

3. dude, why is there a steaming pile of adada in your bathtub?

by mattie massacre March 12, 2009
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