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The number of ads that Facebook or Twitter show you in the newsfeed or stream vs non-ads content.
This is how it was used in a recent earnings call:
I think you talked about being very conservative in terms of ad load. Could you quantify a little bit how you think about your ad load versus what else is out there in the industry, say, Facebook's 5%, how we should think about where your ad load is versus there and versus where it could go in the future? And then any quick comments on the adoption of the Amplify product?

As it relates to ad load, we're not going to share a specific number. But I think if you were to just look at the ad load even as a user, you would see that it's very light. And as I said, light relative to others in the industry, and we believe very much even on an absolute basis. So we're very cognizant about that ad load. And as far as taking ad load up, as I mentioned, there was a modest increase in Q4. That was again largely driven by the fact that we had high-quality advertiser demand and, therefore, high-quality relevant ads to share with our users. So we look at that as a key component in how we would drive ad load going forward.
by Ed Lorde February 06, 2014
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