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(1) To limit, temper, or withhold the expression of one's thought or opinion because of fear that one will be ridiculed or humiliated for expressing it by others around them. (2) The act of limiting, silencing, or prohibiting the expression of anohter person's thoughts or opinions by ridiculing or humiliating them.
(1). Bob had to aculture his support for the New York Yankees when he moved to Boston. (2) As a child of blue-collar parents, Tom inherently supported tariffs and quotas in trade policy, but he acultured those views at his meeting with the economists, who all treated protectionism as though it was some oddball religious cult. (3). Bob's Boston co-workers would always aculture Bob's comments supporting the New York Yankees, so it seemed as if everyone in the office was a fan of the Boston Red Sox. (4). Sally was a devout Christian fundamentlst, but she had to aculture her views on Divine Creationism while writing her paper about Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species.
by PaulaNYC August 27, 2011
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