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actortrap: the feeling of being played upon or "set up" by fellow or other wise "acty" people because of a "wanting" something only you have, what this might be is uncertain, but it is wanted. It also happens with experiencing "new" people, all of a sudden they're there. It's exciting but wait!

For example:This might be a needing, having a huge appetite, a certain type of energy, it can be experienced in "knowing" your friends, you don't have to see them for the longest but that's okay, you know them, you do, nuff said.
"The herd is moving, god this feels like an actortrap."

"She will never stay! Hangfriend. Oh, actortrap."

"Wow! Actortrap? No, because she loves it!"

"Wretched women! What an actortrap! And(t) who's gonna clean this mess?"
by good attention August 01, 2013
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