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What most modern white males between 13 and 21 do. Normally, what they do is hang out only with white people, but they act really "ghetto" when they are with them. Some cases may even becomed so advanced that the person in question may even make up "ghetto street names" like White Chocolate, Bleached Darkness, and the occasional Chocolate Thunder. Also, these people rarely get along with Black people.
W.Person who always Act Black(WPAB): What's up my Homies?
Black Person(BP): What the hell you want?
WPAB: Nuthin, I'm just chillin' out in the 'Hood?
BP: If you're from dis 'Hood then why don't I know you?
WPAB: U probably heard of me then,people know me as White Chocolate and Bleached Darkness, but most people know me as Chocolate Thunder ya'heard?
WPAB: *gets beaten up and throun in the nearest dumpster*
by GruberMiester August 22, 2006
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