A video gamer who plays games to unlock achievements on a gaming service, such as Microsoft Studios' Xbox Live, Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation Network (trophies), and Valve Software's Steam. Achievement hunters often have a tendency to be completionists.

The term is named after the popular Rooster Teeth Productions division called Achievement Hunter, which started out as website for achievement guides before becoming a well-known Let's Play group.
My friend is an achievement hunter. He won't stop playing a game until he unlocks every single achievement out of it.
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Achievement Hunter is a video gaming website created by Jack Pattillo and Geoff Ramsey of Rooster Teeth Productions. It is also a division of Rooster Teeth. The series they make include: Lets play's, Lets Play Minecraft, Fails of the Week, Rage Quit, GO, Achievement H.U.N.T, AHWU, and many others. The people that currently work for Achievement Hunter are Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Gavin Free, Ray Narvaez Jr, Michael "Rage Quit" Jones, Ryan Haywood, Lindsay Tuggey, and Caleb Denecour. The people that work here also work for Rooster Teeth.
Man, those Achievement Hunter guys are hilarious!
by GoonyMauney December 27, 2013
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A collection of gibbering voices who play video games on YouTube while plotting mischief and murder against each other, those two concepts often being synonymous. The second greatest product of alcoholism after the American Civil War and proof you can earn money playing video games. A division of Rooster Teeth, the Red vs Blue guys.
I walked past the Achievement Hunter office earlier and all I could hear is cursing broken up by a British girl squealing.
by Detective Zoidberg January 15, 2015
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Grown men (and a woman) who get paid to play video games and chuck soda cans at walls.
Achievement Hunter is my favourite. They're hilarious.
by YOLOSWAG2014 August 25, 2014
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An achievement hunter is a player who is always trying to earn achievements to make his or her gamerscore as high as possible.
Guy 1-I've never seen a gamerscore so high before.

Gut 2-He's probably an achievement hunter.
by words and stuff February 10, 2015
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Someone who plays 360 and/or Live PC games for fun but also will not stop playing the game for good until her/she has all the achievements.
You got...

Oblivion: 1250/1250
Rock Band: 1000/1000
Dance Dance Revolution Universe: 1000/1000
You are an achievement hunter!
by Niilo Durain May 12, 2009
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