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Not a real word in any language. A composite of Abstinence and the suffix -tion.
-tion is used to make a noun an action or process. It may also be used to mean result or consequence.
Abstain is to refrain from something by one's own choice
Abstinence is the act of... implying the practice of refraining from indulging or desire, action on the noun abstain.
This means that the -tion suffix has been miss-applied to a noun when there is a correct version of which is already a defined word.
First use was by the religious right in a Moral Majority news letter.
This would bring us to another word:
Ignorance: The lack of knowledge, information or education by choice; a state of ignorance.
Logical conclusion: The moral majority was created by god during the period of "Intelligent Design" and gave them the ability to choose ignorance.
God fearing parents should teach their children to practice abstanation!
by wchp July 28, 2016
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