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When your bro is being unpleasant, unbro-ly harsh, or up in your grill in a bro-ly way. Often leads to abrosion.
#1 Bro 1: That chick you boned last night was such a grenade.
Bro 2: Don't be so abrosive, she was at least a four.

#2 Brosef: Why you hittin on my girl?
Guy: I was just holding the door for her.
Brosef: Whatever bro, you totally want to bang her.
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(of a person or manner) a Bro showing little concern for the feelings of others; harsh. An abrasive bro.
That guy's personality really rubs me the wrong way, he can be so abrosive!

That guy was really abrosive; he took all of my beer without asking.
by sam u rai January 08, 2019
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