something amazing and spectacular that no one understands but it's a sign of excitement, sometimes sadness, and maybe anger
"he told me throw it back, "abowwwwww"'
by rodrickspube January 4, 2022
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Abow is used as a term that males use when a female passes by and they thick as hell. Females also use this because when the bend down they are abowing. There is a song called throw it back and the lyrics simply say, "He told me throw it back abow". In 2019 Addison Rae would post tik tok's of her thinking she was thick. Basically throwing it back. Every time Addison Rae throws it back she says, "abow" mouthing it pretty much. Many females use the word abow to disrespect another female saying her coochiee stankkkk. Abow can be used in a lot of other terms but here is the real definition of abow and how it was used in the song.
He told me throw it back abowwwww
This bitch is nasty, she very much abowwwww
by j=ofoajsdkgf February 2, 2022
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