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Fake copy of a thought through original idea, but has missed some underlying point(s) behind that idea. For instance, a furniture that looks exactly like an IKEA furniture, but has missed out on the structural integrity of the materials used in IKEA furniture. Similarly in any other field or system, because it hasn't been thought through properly, ie. incomplete thoughts. For instance; you have been awarded a scholarship in a different country to do some university studies. In order to cash out the scholarship and pay for your expenses, you need a local bank account. In order to get a local bank account you need to have a proof of local residency. In order to get a place to stay , you need a bank account and need to register at the university where your scholarship applies. In order to register your studies, you need to pay your tuition fees, which you cannot do as you cannot access your scholarship. The system is therefore abibas, as it has put you in a catch 22, resulting in you skipping the scholarship and studies (true story).

In short, abibas is used when an object, system, or idea, is missing an underlying function or isn't properly thought through and thus isn't working the way it was intended.
This furniture is so abibas. This application system is abibas.
by Emmkar May 10, 2018
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