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A wonderful sweet person who helps everyone who is nice to her and others. Multi-talented and smart, this person is loved by everyone. Super HOTT, and will leave you wishing you were her, or you could have her. Intelligent and bright, destined for goodness, also very stubborn and weird but AMAZING, you won't be able to live with out an Abhilasa in your life.
Abhilasa: a wonderful human being, HAWT ZUCCHINI!!!
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by HAWT ZUCCHINI May 07, 2018
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Abhilasa is a goddess who will one day rule the universe. She is funny, lovable, and stubborn. Consider yourself blessed if you have her in your life and never let her go, because she will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Abhilasa is an overachiever who is socially awkward, any guy would be lucky to call her his own. Even though she is hilarious and the jokester who you can trust in a friend group, and is also โ€œself absorbedโ€ in a funny way, there are many layers to her and only the chosen ones will be able to see her true self along with her other sides.
Wow! You are such an Abhilasa!
by H a c k e r May 21, 2018
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