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Something that has affected half the world. Twats that walk around thinking they are the shit because they're in Abercrombie. Big Deal. We get it. You've heard of Abercrombie and Fitch. To all those unattractive folk who wear Abercrombie thinking it'll transform you into those models they didn't, you look the same as before but maybe a bit more try-hard and with an excess of "abercrombie confidence."
1) Mutton dressed as lamb- all those forty year olds who think they're twenty because they're sporting the "Californian" look.

2)Poor people with one piece from the range who wear the one piece til it's in tatters because it makes them feel's Abercrombie after all.

3) Scene - any London estate.

Chardonnay: Bruv have you seen Preston today?

Tyrone: Yeah mate he's blates saved up last month's benefits for that Abercrombie hoody.

Chardonnay: I bet when we see him next he'll be all up in our faces with his Abercrombie Confidence.
by abercrombie and fitch May 22, 2009
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