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The most loyalist man and kindest person ever
I want me an Abdoul
by 2easyAD March 14, 2017
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The biggest goat there is . You honestly wanna be abdoul. There's nobody else in this world that just see Abdoul and doesn't ask for his Autograph. He has your girl and your girlfriends best friend and you don't even know it . It's get like abdoul or you might have to get left. Abdoul over everything . He is smart and what is he not good at? We know this though because everyone knows Abdoul
Where's your girlfriend? She went with Abdoul

Where's your mom? Abdouls laying the pipe

Where's your best friend? Abdoul had her last night she said she wants to go back

You doing anything today ? Nah my girl went with Abdoul today

Who is Abdoul? The person i want to be like
by nikeyeezus July 16, 2017
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