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The maximum level of perfection human beings are able to attain in situations which they must react spontaneously.
Though using science, art, talent, and the countless mechanical and technological marvels human beings have invented allow them to easily produce products which are often up to 100% perfect, human beings sometimes make a wrong decision, commit an error, or make a mistake, and those things limit human perfection to being "humanly perfect," inherently inconsistent, and not 100% reliable . Thus a few notches below mathematical, scientific, mechanical, or technological perfection.

To reduce or prevent the imperfect actions humans inevitably commitβ€”often at unpredictable times, humans use various procedures, mechanisms, and technological devices to impossibilitate, prevent, or minimize errors.

The second most effective way is to stop a human being from committing an error is by passing a law and sanctioning those who break them. And the most effective way is by physically or electronically blocking a human being from executing a specific action at a specific time or in a specific way.
by profact November 20, 2017
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