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A nickname for a tiny and angry girl. Who has curly Brown/ reddish hair and beautiful blue eyes. Can have a temper and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind or express her opinion to people. Has a freaky side to her and loves her nuggets. Absolutely LOVES her nuggets. Naturally has a huge butt which I think is due to her attitude. Yet, she can have her sweet and kind side when she chooses too, normally to get what she wants or to get someone to do something for her. For example, getting her nuggets.. She is and can be the most adorable yet scary girl you'll ever meet. Also hates the word "Des mall" because of her annoying boyfriend.
"Hey abbz!"

"Want some nuggets abbz?"
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by Abzabbz February 28, 2018
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Is a very tiny and angry girl. Yet very beautiful and smart. She has a freaky side which is somewhat hidden. She's not afraid to express her own opinion though to anybody. Typically has brown or reddish hair. This girls booty is naturally huge i bealive because of her attitude as well. She does have a lovey-dovey side to her though. She can have her kind and sweet moments when she wants to be, or when she normally wants something or someone to buy her nuggets. She LOVES her McDonald's nuggets. This girl is always in the mood, unless she's being a salty Pringle. She hates the word "Des mall" because of her annoying boyfriend.
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by Abzabbz May 08, 2018
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