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1. noun, vulgar, slang /aSH'Shat/ - This term is a misspelling of asshat. When aashat is used the writer confirms him/her as the actual asshat. This is reverse to the correct spelling where the recipient is the individual being described.

2. common filler, noun, verb /ǝ'ǝ'SHat/ (Liberal Pronunciation: Uh, I Shat) - This definition of aashat is seen less since it is very complex in nature. This one word becomes three different types of words and types. This happens when an educated liberal uses facts and science to disprove a conservative's views. When this happens the conservative is so astounded by a smart person he/she experiences fecal incontinence, and yells "aashat" ( uh..... i... shat).

origin circa 2017: This term originated, from an inbred species of Homo-sapiens which dedicates it's life in support of Donald J Trump, as an attempt to disparage a recipient. In 100% of the cases seen, the recipient is many times more intelligent than the writer which infuriates him/her making possible the misspelling of a simple term. It is also very important to point out all users of aashat are conservative politically, and believe anything they hear.
Donald:You stupid libtard, Barry . You are an aashat!

Barry: Ah, I see you are the actual {asshat, Donald.
Donald: Oh darn, I guess I shouldn't have dropped out of school at 5 years old.
by Lefty Wing Snowflake June 14, 2017
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