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Aarah usually has beautiful black hair, and brown eyes. She is super super smart. Her laugh is infectious, and you can never get enough of her smile. She has the most beautiful smile you will ever see before. She's so pretty, and guys have crushes on her. She has a sense of fashion and knows what to wear. She's short, and dorky, but isn't that good??? If you have a Aarah in your life, don't loose her ; she is so important and gives good advice. Listen to her advice ; she will get you through life. Keep her :))) you need her, you really do :)))))
Girl #1 : I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, who do i go to for help???

Girl #2 : Go to Aarah, she has the best advice in the world!
by Ilovetacosandburritos May 26, 2018
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