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Short for add-on to win. Used to describe MMOs where, due to the competitive nature of the game, in order to 'win' you are compelled to install 3rd-party add-ons in order to provide advantages over a player using the default UI/client.
Me: How are they ganking me so easily? It seems like they know more about me than I do!
You: They probably have UI add-ons showing them information you don't have access to with the default UI
Me: What? That doesn't seem very fair.
You: Yeah, like I know one that shows them what you are casting, how much health you have left, how much magic, etc. It's really hard to be competitive without using it, honestly.
Me: That's crap...
You: a2w, man, a2w...
by p4ttythep3rf3ct February 28, 2014
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