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A phrase used to describe a homosexual. When someone is said to have a 'a rope tied around his wheelbarrow' it is meant as a reference to the activities relating to their bedroom gymnastics.

It is best described from a starting point where, due to the way in which homosexuals utilise another persons anus, they can be described as 'uphill gardeners'. If someone gardens uphill they have a sloping allotment, which would require them to have 'a rope tied around their wheelbarrow'

The reason for using a convoluted description as this is to avoid embarrassment to those around you when putting a persons sexuality in question, some of whom may be of the same persuasion.
'Look at the way he walks, I bet hes got a rope tied around his wheelbarrow'

'Hes popular with the other blokes, definitely got a rope tied around his wheelbarrow'

'What, no girlfriend? Wheelbarrow mate!' (shortened)
by missadventure October 19, 2006
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