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A derogetory term used among males to explain what they would like todo to a person whom they are attracted to! often refeering to sexual intercourse
"I'd Like to give her a good rogering"
by 4cefed August 15, 2005
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A Good Rogering is an eclectic rock band from Austin, TX.

Formed in 2008, "AGR" is best known for writing and performing original hard rock music but will often depart from their metal roots and release or perform completely different stylistic material. Notably: a TV show style theme song, a cover of Bjork's "Isobel", and a 70's style funk music video about a persian cat named "Mr. Peanut".

The band, and the name itself, have become synonymous with witty sarcasm often explored in their lyrics, music and stage shows. "Awesome, Unpredictable, Intense, Funny, Entertaining, Memorable, and Different" are a few terms fans and critics alike have used to describe the sonic and visual experience.

A Good Rogering is an unmistakable and unique act that stands out in an often homogenized market, and AGR's fans will agree the band's catch phrase, “We'll Rock Your Brains Out!” holds true.
“I thought the music scene was over when Michael Jackson died...and then BAM! "A Good Rogering" has restored my faith in black men turned white, playing music."
by Wilbo. December 09, 2012
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