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A'janai is a funny, loud and lovely person to be around. she is loyal to all her friends and can build a friendship with nearly everyone. she can come across very chatty and it seems impossible for her to shut up but the best thing to do in that situation is to be honest and tell her to shut the hell up but don't worry she wont take it personally because she is used to it! A'janai is always cracking accidental jokes which her friends love about her. One thing she hates is when people get proper cheeky to her but she knows how to shut them down and put them back in their place. A'janai is always there for the loved ones and close friends so if you ever need her she will always be there for you whenever you need her. before you get to know her she will come across as a goody two shoes but deep down shes the opposite!
yooo shes bare funny bro, shes definitely and A'janai
by oreeeeeeos January 04, 2018
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