humiliating yourself on a public forum for the sake of getting unbanned from a lineage 2 server
You get banned for using cheats. At first, you deny it. Then you set up a huge apology which includes at least the following:

- admit to your sad personality
- admit that you can't live without a computer game
- lots of fancy words
- repent your sins
- repeadetly ask for forgiveness
- warn others not to do the same thing

Use of the word: Hey, that guy just did a stormbringer!
by t/o September 17, 2006
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The name of author Michael Moorcock's penis. He uses it to refer to his penis in many of his books. Stormbringer refers to his ejaculate being the "storm" and him "bringing" it.
1. Stormbringer moaned a counterpoint chorus to the dirge as the battle-worn dukes assumed different shapes and began to rise menacingly towards Elric.

2. Stormbringer, said Elric. It is time to summon your brothers.
by Pete4090 November 20, 2008
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