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Amazing and strong woman who likes to be devilish on the side. Also like sleep - hence the many zzzzz's
I once met a Zuzka - she winked at me while she won against me in arm wrestling.
by trailblazer23 February 02, 2010
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A Zuzka is any Zuzana that makes you feel wholesome by her mere presence. Zuzka is a gorgeous representative of the female gender, commonly found in Slovakia. Its main characteristics are: ravishing eyes where one can drown for hours; a smile so sweet, it gives you diabetes; and a brain that makes nobel laureats feel insecure. It is speculated that some of the attributes are a result of excessive cinnamon or other spice intake.
Guy 1: Hey, you look very jolly today. What's the occasion?

Guy 2: I met a stunning girl today, she was a real Zuzka.
Guy 1: That is so lucky! I wish I had met a Zuzka...
by cringyGangsta February 07, 2018
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