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A man with no real job that mooches his way into your conversations, parties, ect. He smells like baloney and runs like a chicken. He thinks he knows everything and is an expert and gossip on how people should live their lives. He often offends people and hates confrontation. He will try to date women and take over their lives. He never pays for anything, meaning his date or companions are stuck with the tab. Zormlies love to charm women by convincing them that they are smart and also able to use photography as a lure.. Loves to hang out at dollar beer happy hours or sneak inside the back door of events to avoid a cover charge. Also enjoys using social media to meet women by putting in friend requests and since they may have friends in common it may seem safe. Don't get Zormlied!
"Oh God, we got Zormlied again, he snuck out without paying for his beer", Look at him try to Zormley that poor chick, she has no idea he will act like he left his wallet at home and she will have to pay!", " Look he is going to Zormley us with his damn camera, why won't he just leave?" "Look at him Stalk and Zormley that poor woman at the bar, I guess she has no idea...."
by viking piece October 14, 2011
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