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An amazing person, she usually thinks she’s fat but she’s not. Zoraida’s usually love Zumba and to dance, most are Hispanic. Although Zoraida’s are beautiful they do have problems with their rage. Zoraida’s don’t let any guy mess with them, any guy trying to use Zoraida’s will get pushed away so, look out!
Boy#1” dude I heard that that girl left that guy because he was only using her”
Boy#2” Yep! She must be a Zoraida”
by QueenLover77 March 28, 2019
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A winner; a WINNER; a person with a tendency to win
"Yo, man, you totally rocked that test!"

"I know, I'm so proud of myself heehee GHAFGJIOGHAFKA"

"I guess we can't all be Zoraidas!" :)
by imaginationworldicecream February 10, 2009
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