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A very complex move in Battlefield games.Performed and mastered by Youtube user,Stun_gravy.

Basicaly,its a desperate maneuver done wen piloting a fighter in a wargame,were yoy find yourself being pursued by another plane,the movement itself is very simple,but risky,still,it can save you and your plane.

To perform a Zookin,or RendeZook,you basicaly have to equip your character whit an Anti-Veicle weapon,once done,and/or wen being pursued,position your plane at an angle of 90 degrees,Eject,equip your AV weapon and shoot the pursuing plane,if you hit the plane,it will blow,if you miss,you will still have to go back to your plane,once done you will be generaly be behind the enemy plane.
I managed to make Zookin,and saved my ass!

I Zooked him,man,he got so pissed off!
by GamerFromBrazil December 17, 2011
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