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A blockman server full of autistic sweaty 9 year olds who think that they are Ninja in the fucking game. Zonix became fucking badlion 2 because that server had to shut down due to hypixel stealing all of their sweaty ass 9 year olds. Zonix only has 200 players because the server stole the plugins from minemenclub which that CUSTOM KKK exposed. The owner Revertz got hacked by CUSTOM KKK and he revealed that Revertz's password was nigger123! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO XDDD WHAT A NERD FUCKIN SWEATY BITCH. The faggots there actually believe that regedits do anything
Normal Player: GG GF
Zonix Player: stfu you fuckin chad 1v1 me on zonix ill quick drop your ass in 2 seconds with my regedit!!!111!
by zonix is fucking gay June 06, 2018
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a minecraft pvp server known for stealing code from mineman club and cheatbreaker. they use a rip off of cheatbreaker to cover the flaws of their shitty server.
guy 1: Bro i need code for my server
guy 2: no problem let me pull a Zonix
by Minemanpvper69 May 28, 2018
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