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Usually the outcasts and lonely from a forum message board who infest a certain area and squat there until they are perma banned. Most form a "clan" to show solidarity..Usually can be spotted flirting with dudes with female user names. Also love to quote or use old memes. Orgin of name comes from sub forum "The Endzone" on VolNation where most instantly get AIDS from visiting.
I dont think that's a troll, it's just a Zonetard that got out of his cage.
by Fixta Fernback August 07, 2011
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A forum poster who has nothing better to do than to create useless and mindless threads and/or posts in the Endzone forum.
I wish I had a girlfriend, but I spend so much time being a zonetard that I don't have time for one.
by itsajokeguys August 07, 2011
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