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1. The result of a mouth that has been utterly destroyed by some sort of massive trauma. 2. Bloody mouth 3. A mouth in which has been punched, kicked or struck with an instrument resulting in a bloody mouth, loss of teeth and busted lips. The teeth are usually broken out of the mouth leaving behind fragments and the teeth that are fully gone leave behind black oilly holes in their place. The lips appear to be blasted sometimes split to the point of needing stictched up. When you think of a zombie's mouth, like that of the popular AMC show "Walking Dead".

Getting hit in the mouth so hard teeth are violently extracted with a pool of blood.
This dude at the bar was talking shit so I gave him Zombie Mouth.

A kid at school today slipped on some ice and bashed her face, when she lifted up her head you can see her Zombie Mouth.

When my children don't get straight A's on their report card I give them a Zombie Mouth
by Bran Turbulance December 10, 2013
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