A strip of bacon that has been left out for to long without being cooked, and has become disgusting. If eaten, will cause zombie like behavior in infected.
dude1:"Dude theres still some bacon left."
dude2:"Don't eat that man, its zombie bacon."
dude1:"Whatever."~eats bacon~"Moooaaaaannn!"
dude2:"I warned you."
by PD4peace October 17, 2010
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Bacon Zombie is the name given to an item, meme, or pop culture obsession that becomes overdone (or to the person who refuses to get with the times). The lack of interest in said thing is so high that the mention of it causes fits of depression, annoyance and nausea in anyone who has to listen about such old and worn-out interests.

In "geek" culture around 2005-2011 (current), the two items mentioned more than anything else is a ravenous obsession for all things bacon, and a love of zombies.
When something (or someone) is a bacon zombie, they are horribly boring and tediously uninteresting due to their obsession of over-done interests.

People have moved on, and will leave a Bacon Zombie to obsess in the corner. Sadly due to their love of Bacon and Zombies, most Bacon Zombies confuse this insult with a compliment.
Todd tried to convince his friends to try Planking, but the poor Bacon Zombie was laughed at.
by Loxzen June 17, 2011
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