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Social Fatigue occurs when a person is overwhelmed by being put into far too many social situations for their comfort, often resulting in boredom or annoyance of those around them.

Social Fatigue can result from over-use of social networking sites (Facebook, myspace) or various online forums where clashing opinions can wear out a persons tolerance faster.
Controversial topics such as Politics, religion, or worn out Meme's can further propel the spiral to Social Fatigue.

Social Fatigue also occurs in MMO's (Massivly Multiplayer Online games) where grouping and other social activities are required to make progress in the game.

At some point a sufferer of Social Fatigue just wants to be left alone, because they have reached the conclusion that most people are just plain stupid.
After a forum discussion on Zombies, Bacon...and the conclusion of zombie-bacon, Robert had Social Fatigue and didn't care if the world spiralled in to the sun tomorrow... so long as these people went with it.
by Loxzen January 12, 2010
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Bacon Zombie is the name given to an item, meme, or pop culture obsession that becomes overdone (or to the person who refuses to get with the times). The lack of interest in said thing is so high that the mention of it causes fits of depression, annoyance and nausea in anyone who has to listen about such old and worn-out interests.

In "geek" culture around 2005-2011 (current), the two items mentioned more than anything else is a ravenous obsession for all things bacon, and a love of zombies.
When something (or someone) is a bacon zombie, they are horribly boring and tediously uninteresting due to their obsession of over-done interests.

People have moved on, and will leave a Bacon Zombie to obsess in the corner. Sadly due to their love of Bacon and Zombies, most Bacon Zombies confuse this insult with a compliment.
Todd tried to convince his friends to try Planking, but the poor Bacon Zombie was laughed at.
by Loxzen June 17, 2011
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