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Zohrah is a girl usually of eastern ethnic heritage, a Zohrah has eyes which are highly hypnotizing. Dark long hair which smells of heaven and glistens in the light. Zohrahs do not believe in actions which go against their integrity, a Zohrah can be seen holding to their virtues however allowing themselves to follow their heart at the same time. They have an aura of contentment and satisfaction. However one mustn't confuse an outdoor Zohrah for an indoor Zohrah.
A Zohrah is a beautiful intelligent and passionate creature often found in groups of friends. Usually inhabits the second and third floor of buildings.

Also, a Zohrah will tend to exhibit amazing physical features. Their bodies exude sex appeal with an element of modesty while their eyes tell a story which would otherwise be impossible to comprehend. One must not play down the eyes of Zohrah, they are sheer brilliance and will make you believe in God.
Guy A"Did you see Zohrah the other day, i asked her for a coffee but she said no, so i asked for a tea and she said no, what gives?!"

Guy B"It's because she's with the greatest ever."

Girl A" I hate you Zohrah, you suck bla bla bla hate hate hate"

Zohrah "I hope one day you can learn to feel better about yourself."
by smaek February 12, 2010
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