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Zlaten A totally unique person or thing, no two alike. Awesome, only one in the world, charming, performing bullshitter. A person with a huge imagination that can be brought to life with very little previous experience or knowledge of topic. Silver tongued...known to speak with venom. Often tells of great nonsense just to see reaction. Loving and caring but can also have you think otherwise. To perform or act. Inclined to want and contain attention and drama. Most common nickname - Late adj - Newest. The Best. Super coolest!!!
"No way!!! Zlaten?...are you for real?"

"Wow!...that was so Zlaten!!!"

"Like I'd believe A Zlaten!!!"

"Say!...his swagga was Late as hell! "

"You see that? That was just "Late" Bro!! For Reals!!!"
by sexy mclovin' face October 16, 2010
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