Zil - a name given for someone that's too awesome to have the simple name of "Liz". Makes a super duper bestfriend. Loyal. Talented. Beautiful. Possesses a great ardor for life.
Zil changes the way we look at life.
by Georgette59 April 13, 2009
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Zil/Zilla basically means brother or bro or bra for slang in Australia. Aussie slang from Perth Western Australia from a suburb in North-eastern suburbs off Beechboro. The words been around for a few years and slowly getting around the state. If its a chick (girl/woman) their called Xil or Xilla. The highest praise in the Z-unit nation is GodZilla second up would be MaddZil.
Zil 1. Oi zilla that chick over there looks proper bra.

Zil 2. uckin oath zil I ucked that xilla back in the dayz bra she went hardt.

Zil 1. My zilla, u a maddZil A, bra.

by Jonny ickslae March 20, 2021
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The bestest friend in the whole wide world. This is a person who will be there for you no matter what. She is a person that you would end up in jail with, but it would be so worth it. This kind of person isn't the best speller, but she tries hard and that's good. She laughs at all you're terrible jokes and you can tell each other anything. I love yoouuuu lizard breath!!!!!!
That girl is such a Zil Thod a.k.a. Jizz Chode and it's awesome
by Ttirbykins September 29, 2011
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