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Up and coming young Scottish actor who performs satire/comedy/drama and produces/writes music for himself and other artists.

"Borrowed" the idea of the characters of "The Fly" and "Mr MacPhisto" from U2, who used the idea first in the early 90s. Z.A.B alters the characters to fit his own vision, but the inspiration is barely hidden.

Has developed hugely on the YouTube scene, his early videos are funny but edited too quickly and things get cut off. The level of humour is also rather childish, but good for someone who was around 12.

His current videos show a lot of gained maturity and developed comic timing and wit, but should rely less on gimmicks and just trust his own comic instincts, which seem strong and sharp.

As an editor, basic but for a poor program he does exceptionally well.

Musically, has written few tracks thus far, but all are strong melodies. Uses autotune to make up for alchohol shot vocals and drowns out botched notes often with synths or drums. Collaberates with several others on almost every track, but has a unique sound and crisp beats.

In conclusion- A rough, uncut diamond, who has yet to find their true colours and form. Has had several good runs of form, but always plays it too safe. One to watch.
Ziggy Axl Blockley could be the next big thing if he didnt rely so much on his autotune and character crutches.
by Josh Yutters October 31, 2009
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