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Without a doubt the cutest, funniest, sweetest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Zhenni's are a rare breed; you will not often meet one so consider yourself lucky if you have one as a friend. Zhenni's are fun and playful; they love to tease and laugh but will surprise you with their depth and thoughtfulness. Zhenni's may be soft spoken, but they have a presence that is always noticed when they are in a room. When you look into her eyes, you may be frightened as they can see deep into your soul, but you will find incredible warmth and understanding if you are brave enough to look. Extremely passionate and strong-willed, Zhenni's inspire everyone around them. Be careful; it is easy to fall in love with Zhenni. She is not easy to get but if you are fortunate enough to have the love of a Zhenni, treasure her because you will never meet someone like her again. Zhenni's are true friends; they are extremely loyal, trustworthy, and will always take the time to listen or try to help if you are feeling down. If you meet a Zhenni, never forget her because she will change the world.
I met a girl named Zhenni and it changed my life
by F.A.E. July 16, 2016
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