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say: Zging-ga
In Amsterdam SOUTH-SIDE (De Pijp) this is the latest word in our slang, used by Moroccan youngsters.
I don't know it's origins, but it means: BROKE, wich most of the moroccan youngsters are in Amsterdam
SOUTH-SIDE,otherwise they wouldn't be robbin', stealin 'n dope dealin'.
Moroccan A: Fain a brada, gaan we afu-afu jonko halen?
Moroccan B: Noh mon! Ik ben ZGINGHA a matty.


Moroccan A: wha'gwaan brederin, we ge'in a spliff fifty- fifty?
Moroccan B: No man, I'm broke, mate.
by AmsterdamSOUTH-SIDE4LIFE,G!!! October 11, 2005
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